Producer Reel

KABC weekend 7am newscast.  We led with breaking news on the first COVID vaccine getting shipped out across the nation.  I used live pictures all throughout the newscast to update viewers on the rollout, as well as a quad box to highlight the different distribution areas at the top of the newscast.  We also had a reporter at one of the local hospitals set to receive the vaccine first.

KABC weekend 10am newscast.  We led with breaking news on the fallout of the George Floyd death in Los Angeles with team coverage on the protests and damage left behind from looters.  We had AIR7 live over where some of members of the National Guard were being staged.  We also had a live Skype interview with the cofounder of the local chapter of the Black Lives Matter movement.

KABC weekday 4pm newscast.  We led with team coverage on the attack on Iran and how it impacts our local community.  I used team coverage boxes to highlight our three live reporters.  We also continues our live team coverage at 4:30 with the impact on gas prices and a live on set interview with a former CIA Senior Operative.

KABC weekend 9am newscast, showcasing two of our top developing stories from the morning.  I specifically put the anchors at a monitor shot — cutting and attaching the best aerials and then having them toss to the live reporter in the next monitor.  I also put one of the anchors at the monitor to showcase our breaking news story on the announcement a top ISIS leader had been killed.

KABC weekday 5am newscast.  Apart from coordinating the anchors, traffic anchor, traffic helicopter reporter and breaking news anchors, we had live pictures of a death investigation on Skid Row and two live reporters.  I also built and created all of the monitor graphics.

KABC weekend 7am newscast with team coverage of the earthquakes rattling Southern California in July 2019.  Since earthquakes kept rattling through the weekend and it was a big talker, I showcased our coverage by putting the seismic map behind our anchors in the bigger blocks and weaving in earthquake stories in every segment.

Compilation of several WPEC newscasts showcasing our team coverage on the Parkland school shooting, which took the lives of 17 people in February 2018.  We were one of the first local news teams at the scene with multiple crews.  Our team won “Best Team Coverage” in the 2018 NATAS Suncoast Emmy Awards for our coverage.

KUSI 6pm newscast showcasing two special reports and coverage of news events across our coverage area, from Temecula to the the Tijuana border.  This newscast was a finalist for “Best Newscast” in the 2016 NATAS Pacific Southwest Emmy Awards.

KUSI 6pm weekend newscast that led with special coverage of a deadly plane crash on a San Diego freeway.  This crash happened early in the day and created national headlines.

Using the limited amount of crews and resources I had, I was able to create a dynamic A block with almost 20 minutes of coverage.  I put my one live reporter at the scene where the crash happened and put our other photographer out where the plane was moved to.  I also created two anchor pieces which I thought worked out pretty well.  I found a man on social media who was an eyewitness to what happened and we created an anchor segment with his video and his phone interview for our anchor, Brandi.  Also, as I was putting the day together, I realized there have been several plane crashes on local freeways so I put together an anchor package for David to read highlighting some of them. We had our meteorologist Dave do a traffic segment with live traffic maps to show how traffic was still affected.  We also brought in a former FAA accident investigator to bring us more insight.

KUSI 5pm newscast with storm watch coverage.  We had an intense storm hit our area that even brought with it a tornado warning (which is something you typically never see in San Diego). In our A section, we brought 20 full minutes of storm coverage to give our viewers the latest that was going on, including extended weather, 2 live reporters, a phoner with a CHP officer, and showing viewer pictures/photos.