Producer Reel

6pm newscast showcasing two special reports and coverage of news events across our coverage area, from Temecula to the the Tijuana border.  This newscast was a finalist for “Best Newscast” in the 2016 NATAS Pacific Southwest Emmy Awards.


6pm weekend newscast that led with special coverage of a deadly plane crash on a San Diego freeway.  This crash happened early in the day and created national headlines.

Using the limited amount of crews and resources I had, I was able to create a dynamic A block with almost 20 minutes of coverage.  I put my one live reporter at the scene where the crash happened and put our other photographer out where the plane was moved to.  I also created two anchor pieces which I thought worked out pretty well.  I found a man on social media who was an eyewitness to what happened and we created an anchor segment with his video and his phone interview for our anchor, Brandi.  Also, as I was putting the day together, I realized there have been several plane crashes on local freeways so I put together an anchor package for David to read highlighting some of them. We had our meteorologist Dave do a traffic segment with live traffic maps to show how traffic was still affected.  We also brought in a former FAA accident investigator to bring us more insight.

5pm newscast with storm watch coverage.  We had an intense storm hit our area that even brought with it a tornado warning (which is something you typically never see in San Diego). In our A section, we brought 20 full minutes of storm coverage to give our viewers the latest that was going on, including extended weather, 2 live reporters, a phoner with a CHP officer, and showing viewer pictures/photos.